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Target Marketing

Know your customers, learn what they want and give them what they need. So many companies lose touch with their customers which effect their revenue.

Coming Events

1st Class Business Development course to help small companies to reach their corperate goals.

Real Testimonial


When I first heard about 1st Class Business Network I was a skeptic. I kept hearing about all these different projects that they were working on and I felt they must be a scam. One day I said let me just listen to what they have to say about personal credit.  I had a mid-400 credit and decided to give their program a shot.  2 ½ years later after fallowing their program I am boarder line a700 credit score with 16 credit cards and  my own business . 

Current Deals


Capital is a set back for so many individuals looking to start a company or grow the company that they currently have. So we have a series of workshops aimed at teaching you how to  get the  personal and Business credit needed  to achieve your  funding  goals .

Big News


1st Class Business Network has partnered with T-Mobile to bring innovation and world-class network solutions to business customers.

Display their FAQs

I had a Customers tell us that they need our services but would not be able to afford our service.


We realize at 1st Class Business Network that some of our clients that need our help my be going through financially hardship. Therefore we created a flexible payment program for our business partners.